1. Don’t Bite. Write!

Yeah that’s right! you’ve got to write and write alot before you freestyle. Practicing song writing helps you better prepare so you will be more confident when you’re rhyming. And while it’s always good to get inspiration from your favourites whether it be Nas or Jay-z, as the heading says, don’t ever bite their lines. Develop your own style so when you get in front that group/crowd your flow would be flawless.

2. Rhyme

Use similes, metaphors and current events as ideas to start a rhyme. It’s the easiest way to get your flow started, why? because you can rhyme about basically anything, and its also helps to pass time while you think of something catchy to say about your opponent. Which brings us to the next point…

3. Make your opponent look whack!

You’ve got to remember this is a battle to show who’s the better rapper. You have the job of convincing the crowd you’re more lyrically talented than your opponent. How do you do that.? Make creative lines using similes,rhymes etc. to poke fun at your opponent, it not only shows off your freestylin’ skills but also gets the crowd going and sways them onto your side!

4. Keep it light

While it’s always great to poke a little fun at your opponent always make sure its just that- making fun of the opponent! You don’t want to say anything that may be offensive to anyone in the crowd eg.racist,religious or gender specific lines. This will definitely hurt you instead of help you. After all the crowd is the deciding factor in whether or not you win…and i’m pretty sure you wanna win.

5. Battle!

While writing is very important, the best way to practice for a freestyle is to…freestyle! Practice with friends, maybe a couple of your friends rap as well? form a freestlyin’ group! battle each other and when you all are ready you can start battling other groups! its a great way to sharpen your freestylin’ and lyrical skills while you gain a rep/name for yourselves when y’all start winning those battles!

And hey if there are four of you,you all can name yourselves The Funky Freestylin’ Foursome…..uhhh ok maybe not, but heck you get the point!

  Notorious B.I.G freestyle battle

   Big Daddy Kane explains- What is a freestyle?

Written by Tamika Simon