Before you come in studio you have to learn studio etiquette…yes studio etiquette! When in studio there are just some things you can and cannot do. So here are some basic manners you must always have when you are in that booth!


1). Don’t bring everyone and your mama to the studio

Time and time again, an artist will bring Kevin from down the block, Ashley from the Barbershop, James from the 7-11 across the way…oh and don’t forget mama, to the studio. You must remember even though you may want to show off your skills to everyone, a studio is for the production of music, without the right setting(that being silence) a recording may not have the best possible quality and so you may be cutting yourself short. If you must show off your talent – pass them a copy of your demo.

2).Play your role

While it is a must to tell your producer exactly how you want your song recorded and tell him exactly when you think something is not quite sounding the way you would like. One thing you do not do, and i repeat do not do this. Is, telling anyone in studio how to do their job, don’t tell the producer how to produce, the sound engineer how master or the mixing engineer how to mix!. It would not end well- trust me. Tell them what to fix and leave them to do their job. Two egos- and yes you are one of the two, who both think they are right would only end in a fight – play your role- step up when you think something is not sounding right – then step back down.

3).Go Solo

When you walk into the booth your two hands should be swinging, your pockets should be empty and your belly should be full – seriously – you should eat something before you get in there – don’t want anyone passing out…and yes it has happened before. The most annoying thing to a producer trying a get a song production done is getting half-way through what seems to be the artist’s best take and then…..his phone rings. You don’t want to get all your takes right just to start all over again. Switch off the phone.

4).Be on time

Time is money. Especially in a studio, if you are planning on recording a collaboration song or you are a band/singing group- one word -carpool. You don’t want to reach to studio and start doing a head count which ends with everyone asking “where’s Kevin?” only to find out… he’s down the block…and not in studio! Its very unprofessional and can cause you and your group to be deemed, “difficult to work it”…you don’t want that.

Written by Tamika Simon