These are the top three things you will need on your way to becoming a professional music artist.

1). A Demo

This is the most important step towards becoming a professional music artist. A demo should have at least four songs, all varying in vocal ranges and which all basically display your versatility as an artist, just like a model has a portfolio of pictures an artist needs a demo, and for the same reasons too – to show what you are capable of doing.

2). Gigs

And lots of them. You have to get as many performance gigs as possible as this not only gives you more exposure which can lead to a larger fanbase, but also, it gives you a chance to lengthen your performance resume. The more experience you have as a performer the further away you will move from amateur status and the closer you will be to becoming a professional music artist.

3). Professional Photos

Yes artists need headshots too! In order to be a professional you first have to look like one,and i’m not talking phone camera pics in your bathroom here! Hire a professional photographer to take some great quality photos of you in various settings, at least two of which must be in a “music setting”, this can be either on stage, in studio, at the mic etc. If you start doing research on what A&Rs and talent scouts look for in an artist you may be surprised to find that 30-40% of what they say matters doesn’t have to do with music at all !. Remember labels are looking for the whole package, and that package includes your image.

Written by Tamika Simon