Opening Act

Does your town/city have a big upcoming performance or concert? Well approach the promoters of the show to get yourself on the line to open for their top performer, this not only gives you more exposure but also helps to make yourself available as a contact of theirs for any of their future shows. Also, try to open for artists that have a similar music style to yours, this way you may be able to pull some new fans from the main act’s fanbase!

Public Shows

You can have gigs all year round if you seek out performing acts at public shows, in restaurants, lounges, cruises, clubs etc. Places like restaurants and bars are always looking for fresh and exciting entertainment for their customers, also alot of clubs have certain days when they play different genres of music, this can be either played by a dj or live performances by local artists.Find out when your genre of music will played and carry a press kit of your work so you can get hired for the job.Another bonus of being on the club/restaurant artist roster? When special seasons come along – Christmas/New Years, your earnings will skyrocket since live performances are most in demand at this time.


Are great for two artists seeking to increase their visibility by joining forces! With both your fanbases you can create a demand for your music! Contact a concert promoter and event planner to organise your own two, three or even four man show for your fans! it would also help each of you get extra support for your music from one another’s fans, especially when its time to promote that concert. Extra tip: get each of your fans to collectively request your songs on the radio as your concert date approaches. The radio doesn’t have your song? Not for long! because with such a tremendous demand for an artist/song the radio station would have no choice but to please the people and play your songs the next time you hand them your demo!


Yes,its true, employers tend to hire people they like! get an interview with a local radio station of yours and talk about your newest project, why you do what you do and what you love about music. Try to show as much of your true personality as possible and how passionate you are about your music. Then let the radio station play your music –  and only bring your best stuff. Make sure at the end to give your contact info if anyone would like you to perform at any of their events. Once people see how passionate you are about what you do they will share that passion too and just like that you get the job! On a side note: I know alot of radio stations may not show local artists as much attention or give them the respect to showcase their talent through an interview but that shouldn’t stop you!, if you are having issues getting an interview or getting your music played with a national radio station- go to  a web based station! There are many internet radio stations in existence now, that show alot of support for local talent, and many of them have a large following too! So try them out!

In-Studio gigs

Many music studios from time to time, may have gigs available for back-up vocals of an artist doing a production of an album/mixtape etc. These may or may not be well known artists, but to ensure that you are one of the first to know if it is, get yourself well acquainted with a studio and do any background vocals they need,because, when doing studio gigs, if you are consistent and versatile, you may find yourself on tour with a “big name” artist in the industry.







Written by Tamika Simon