A press kit is the professional side of the music business, it is like a resume for the music artist, so if you want the job your resume must be on point!

1). Bio

It is very important for anyone you may be sending your press kit to, whether it be the media – newspapers,radio stations or A&Rs and record labels, to know some background info about you as an artist or a band. However, you should always remember to keep it brief, some basic things you can include are, your band name, city/town each of you are from, who you sound like, how you met,when you started doing music and why.That’s it. Try to remember its all about the music, so try to keep it that way by not getting too personal on the info.

2).Professional Photos

Every music press kit must include professional photos of the artist/band in action. As mentioned in a previous article http://bit.ly/What_you_need_to_become_a_professional_music_artist it is one of the essentials of becoming a professional music artist. Hire a professional photographer on your next gig, and have him/her take photos of you on stage performing, backstage getting ready to perform or if you’re a band – tuning up your equipment before you get on stage. This helps to make you as an artist look more professional, as the A&R or label gets a chance to actually see that you know what you are doing and have experience doing it.

3). A demo

This was also noted as another essential to becoming a professional music artist in the article http://bit.ly/What_you_need_to_become_a_professional_music_artist. A demo CD of your best work is one of the most important parts of the press kit as it is an example of your work and your musical talent. A lyrics sheet should also be included in your demo CD. It is very important that only your best work be included on your demo CD,also make sure all tracks included on your demo is mastered, i know some say that a demo is just supposed to be a rough sketch of your work, but that’s in the past. With as much competition there is out there for record label contracts, A&Rs have a lot of narrowing down to do and you don’t want to not make the cut because of the clarity of your music rather than its content.

4). Cover Art

Do you or your band have a special logo or trademark? Does your newest project have a specific theme? Well these will be great ideas for the cover art of your album or single. Also logos makes your press kit stand out from the rest and gives you and your band an extra benefit by having a separate means of being identified from the crowd. Think of your logo as an identification plate- it makes you easier to find and gives the A&Rs a great way to reference you by, rather than, “That band with the female singer and the two guys playing guitar”……yeah…exactly…….there are hundreds of those.

5). Discography

Do you have other albums that you think may make the cut? Include them in your press kit! List the albums cover art photos and do a little write up of the themes of those albums, if the A&Rs like what they are hearing on the demo, they may request to hear more, from that very list, so don’t leave it out if you think they may be interested.

6). Gig Sheet

Ok, so the A&Rs love your music and you as an artist/band, but…..where have you been?. You must show that you not only have the talent but the experience to back it up. Remember, your press kit is like your resume, and in today’s market you need both the qualifications – your talent, and the experience- your past gigs, to get the job. See more on how to get gigs in yesterday’s article                               http://bit.ly/How_To_Get_Paid_Gigs.

7). Press

And last but not least, what a press kit needs most is………press! Do you have a great radio station interview by a popular radio personality or any other good press from a relevant media or music source? Place the quotes of those individuals in your press kit in a separate section of the kit for press. Think of your band as a product and your press as testimonials, it gives you and your band creditability by being “vouched” for by those reputable sources.

Below is an example and analysis of a professionally done press kit by a band named “The Rising Hedons”

To see more of  The Rising Hedons professional digital press kit go to the link below:


Written by Tamika Simon