As a music artist there are many ways in which you can utilize your talents and skills to get paid in the music industry, other than the traditional route of becoming a recording artist, here are a couple of pathways to make your music pay!

Join a Music library

Do you have a lot of material laying around and you don’t know what to do with it?. Add it to a music library! Music Libraries buy full rights to your music, so that they can have a larger stock of available media for their customers, for purchase. When placed in a music library, your music may have a chance of being placed/featured on  film or television commercials, movies etc. Just remember that music libraries buy full rights to your music, so if you think you may want to keep that material for any particular project etc. you may want to reconsider placing the song in a library. Music libraries can also be very beneficial in helping you obtain some valuable credits, as there are many sound libraries which cater to big corporations such as IBM, Microsoft,Kodak etc.

Become a Reference Singer

A reference singer recites material carded for another artist with whom they share similar vocal ranges. They do so for purposes of helping the artist hear how any particular song is supposed to be sung. If you would like to be a singer but you are not interested in generating public attention this career may be for you! As well as, if you are an artist seeking extra gigs, you can find, not only, artists but songwriters as well, who are interested in these services. Songwriters often hire reference singers to help them pitch a song they may have written for an artist.


Do you write music in your spare time? Well consider putting your talents to good use and write music for other music artists. You can either be co-writer on an artist’s album and get credited or you can be a ghostwriter, which basically means your identity is kept private from the public.  You can also do some film/television work by way of writing music/songs for corporations for use in television/radio commercials- this is called jingle writing, and it can be a very lucrative business –  here, songs are written for commercial purposes by direction of the company under which the writer is hired.

Written by Tamika Simon