The growth of social networking/ social media has enabled the use of several mediums to communicate our message to our audience. One of the major means of communication of recent times in social media is video. Here are some tips on how to use video to promote your music.

Make A Trailer

Yes! a trailer! trailers are always used to promote film, why not your newest album? You can make a video slide show which features your album cover art and song list, this can easily be done using programs such as Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas, you can even display your performance dates and venues at which you will be performing the very songs on display, in the video. Remember to incorporate within your video previews of a couple of your songs on the play list! Here is an example below.


A Vlog is a video blog and a great way to keep connected with your fans. When you have an album set for release you can start a vlog documenting the countdown to the premiere of your newest album, document everything concerning this latest project, including all your performances, interviews promoting your album or even your time spent in studio putting your finishing touches on your music. Its a great way to communicate the message about your new album and show all the hard work you put into your project.

Music Video

A music video is a traditional way to promote music but also stands as one of the best. Though you may think it requires a lot of expense, it does not have to! Contact local businesses in your city/town and inform them of your latest project. Always try to get face – to – face meetings with the owners and tell them your plans to make a music video and promote your music, let them know that you would like sponsorship to get this done. Always remember to inform them of the ways that their sponsorship into your project will benefit their business eg. ad placements throughout the video etc. Also, an important point that a lot of artists may miss, is to always take note of how “big name” artist get their music projects done and know that they can do the very same , but just on a smaller scale. These artists are always sponsored by big corporations for their music videos. Why can’t you? Go to the following link for more info on getting sponsored:

Written by Tamika Simon