Three may not always be a crowd. A band can be a great way for  musical talents to come together. Here’s some ways in which creating a band can help your music career.

Get the live crowd

There is a large following of live music lovers. Generate a buzz for yourself and your music by connecting with musicians and booking shows at venues such as restaurants, clubs etc. This can help to increase your fan base and  expand your fan demographics, remember this can not only increase your  exposure, but by doing so you will also make yourself more valuable to a record label if you are able to draw listener ship from a variety of people. You can either pay musicians part time when you need their services for a particular gig or you can make them a constant part of your act by creating band.

Play different roles

Being a part of a band or group allows everyone to play a role. Remember when you are on stage,the purpose is not only to perform your song and be over with it, you have got to make sure both you and your crowd have fun while you are there. When on-stage an artist is no longer, a singer or a rapper, they are entertainers. And a great way to put on a show is to have different acts that will appeal to different people. For example, before Flavor Flav was known as a reality star he was considered the hype man for the rap group Public Enemy. In the beginning, consisting of himself and rapper Chuck D, the group was able to bring public awareness to social issues through their music by seamlessly blending the comical Flavor Flav and the serious and politically minded Chuck D, within all their performances. The video below shows Public Enemy’s team work in action:


No one can understand why an artist does what he does, says what he says or thinks the way he thinks better than another artist, that’s why being part of a group can be a great support system especially when on tour but also on stage. Lets face it, not all your stage performances may be your best but having people on stage that have your back could be of great comfort to the artist in those rare moments when an artist’s flow may go wrong. It’s always great to know that there’s someone on stage that can pick right up where your line fell off to make sure you all look great.

So consider a band/group whether part time or full-time it can be of great help to your musical career. You don’t always have to stand alone. Some of the greatest entertainers were part of a group! Here are some examples listed below!

Tupac – Tha Outlawz
Notorious B.I.G – Bad Boys
Michael Jackson – Jackson 5
Bob Marley – Bob Marley & The Wailers
Lauryn Hill  – The Fugees

Written by Tamika Simon