If you are an artist and a songwriter you may sometimes experience a lack of creative energy, here’s some tips to get your creative energy flowing and get you back at work!

Do other tasks

This may seem contradictory to what you are trying to do, which is finish the task, but putting your mind at ease and off the task at hand can cause a better flow of ideas because you are more relaxed.


If your issue is procrastination rather than a lack of creative energy, you should allocate time out of your day to finish whatever writing you may have previously started. This will help you become more organized and actually finish the work you have been neglecting.


Read, whether it be the books from your favorite authors or the lyrics of your favorite songwriters, when you are having a block this is the perfect time to start reading and finding the inspiration that may have been lacking.


Write the key words of what you may be wanting to say or express, this may help you formulate how you would like to approach the subject and what emotions you would like to evoke in the listener.


Listen to songs or instrumentals to get motivation. Many times a beat/instrumental can spark creativity and cause an artist or songwriter, to become inspired to write lyrics to that said beat because it evokes particular emotions within them.


Write freely, about anything but nothing in particular, this would help to get you out of the habit of not writing at all and eventually remove that block you are experiencing.

Written by Tamika Simon