What’s your rap style? That may not be a question that has ran across your mind lately, or maybe it has, but it surely should be something you should examine if you would like to become a better rapper, as there is always room for improvement! Many international recording artists who have major contracts don’t simply pump out pretty, polished singles from a recording studio. Several of them still freestyle, in fact, many of the hit records you hear on the radio were freestyles turned studio recordings. If you are not aware of your rap style yet, here are a few profiles of rappers that, in my opinion,  each have a unique style of music.


Nas, I believe to be one of the most lyrically talented rappers of our time. He has mastered the art of storytelling, his style evolved rap to a higher level than just rhyming, but rather, clearly painting imagery in the mind of the listener through words. A lyricist, he is, because his flow is almost poetic an emcee because he teaches a lesson in every verse.


A reader expressed that they felt I was incorrect in classifying Jay-z as just a rapper and not an emcee in a previous article https://everythingaudio.wordpress.com/2011/04/09/are-you-a-rapper-or-an-emcee/ . I’ll explain why here. To me, an emcee is not simply someone who has a great flow or great rhymes, an emcee in my eyes is someone who poetically delivers a message of awareness and brings consciousness to his listeners, he uplifts through his words, inspires with his rhymes, therefore being an emcee is all about the content of your music. Jay-z does not always fit the “emcee” category, I would like to think of him as a lyrical rapper, because no matter the topic, he always brings across what he would like to say in a melodic way. He doesn’t simply say what he has to say, and leaves it at that, he makes the listeners think and connect the dots himself, and I can appreciate the intellectual way he delivers all his rhymes, regardless of  the message.


I would call Eminem a wordsmith, he has the ability to rhyme words that others thought were impossible to put together in a single sentence! He has the amazing ability to fit as many words as possible into a single sentence, flow fluently and rap non-stop without pause. He is very charismatic, his sometimes seemingly nonsensical verses hold the attention of his audience from start to finish. He is great at wordplay and has captured an international audience because of this talent that very few have mastered.


He grasped worldwide attention from being versatile in his ability to be both rapper and emcee at times, creatively switching to and from gangsta rap/g-funk to his politically and socially aware lyrics, he was quickly adored by all. He struck a balance between his educational hip hop songs and party rhymes. His music created a likable “all-round” type persona with such hits as the deep and emotional “Dear Mama” to hardcore West Coast anthems such as “California Love”. Hardly ever  predictable was he. May he R.I.P.

Notorious B.I.G

Amazing lyrical ability, and one of the smoothest flows to ever make an impact on the world of hip hop and in his time, East Coast gangsta rap. His laid back rhymes seamlessly blended with his mafioso style lines. From chronicles of his life in songs such as “Juicy” to tales of the party life told in his song “Big Poppa.” His music is easily identifiable and widely celebrated and has solidified him as one of the greatest, from his time to ours. May he R.I.P.

Written by Tamika Simon