If you show confidence to your audience, they will more than likely give you respect. You always have to be confident even if you make a mistake. The popular rappers today always act invincible because they know it helps their image, if you act like you don’t know what you are doing then the crowd will lose confidence in you as artist and entertainer. When you are on stage, you have the responsibilty……yes, responsiblity of entertaining the crowd, and the crowd expects you to do so no matter what, regardless of whether or not you make a mistake. A true entertainer never lets anything get in the way of him/her putting on a show.


Practice in front a large group of friends, and remember to practice your act exactly the way you would like it to be performed on stage. This will make your performance second nature to you by time you are ready to hit the stage, it also helps you memorize your songs in the process!


Interact with your crowd while you’re on stage, this will make you feel like you’re one of them “jus having fun”. If it helps you by making the experience feel like less of a “performance” and more of a “party” do so, by inviting some members of the crowd to help you sing your verses or even teach them your song while on stage. Invite a member of the audience on stage to dance or sing or participate in your performance.

Written by Tamika Simon