1). Original Content

Always have original content, the key word here is your music, limit the number of covers you do.

2). Press Kit

Have a press kit available at all times and only hand it to relevant people, meaning, music execs etc. who can help to advance your career.

3). Business Card

Have a business card made with your band logo and the names and numbers of each member. Hand these out to promoters, agents etc. who you may meet at shows/concerts in which you may perform.

4). Gigs

Perform your original content in as many of your gigs as possible. Though a gig may call for you to cover a couple of songs, ask the promoter/manager to perform a song of your own.

5). Demo CD

Also, have a copy of your demo CD, at these gigs in which you perform and hand it to anyone who may be in the music industry. Think of your demo as a second business card, it can help you get higher paying gigs if the demo can show your versatility as an artist.

6). Engage

Talk about what you do, when you engage in conversation with anyone who may be in the music industry, even another artist, show you enthusiasm and love for what you do.

Written by Tamika Simon