1). Get the college crowd

Go to the smaller radio stations first, such as college radio stations, internet radio stations etc. and try to gain a buzz with these crowds, eventually when you have a solid fan base from these sources, your supporters will start requesting your songs on the national stations and help expose you and your music to a wider audience.

2). Be Creative

The chances of you walking up to a national radio station’s office and asking them to play your music and actually getting it played may be slim, because, every other artist is doing just that! Try being more creative, for example, do you have a popular morning radio show locally? Of course you do! Go to the hosts and don’t ask them to play your music, ask them to critique it on air, tell you what they think, or have listeners tell them what they think! It’s a great way to have everyone listening to your music and even getting into a little discussion about you which can get your name out there!

3). Clarity

I’ve said this before, and I’m saying it again, radio stations will not and I repeat! will not play an un-mastered song on their station. Why? because it’s gives their station a bad image of low quality, low quality music means fewer listeners, fewer listeners means that the station will lose advertising money from commercial companies. So, always carry your highest quality and best sounding material if you wish to have your music played on radio. How can you tell if your music is well mastered? A well mastered track plays the same on all sound systems, meaning it plays at the same volume level. A well mastered track will not have a high volume on one sound system and a low volume on another!

4). Street Mission

Do you have some dedicated fans? Well give them a mission to have your music played on radio! Send your music into the desired radio station and have you fans request your music! Eventually the station will have to give the people what they want and you will have what you want! your song on radio!

Written by Tamika Simon