1). Do you need an agent?

It may seem odd to start with this question, but it is vital to know in your quest of finding the perfect music management. Agents cost money, and before you decide that you will like one on your team, you need to decide what it is exactly you will like them to do!. If you already know the direction you will like your music career to go, you may not need a manager just yet. First, try to find the right resources to help you organize and strategize  exactly how to get your music career on the pathway you have chosen. If  however, you are not sure which direction your music career should go, you will require the services of a music agent/manager to help you plan your career.

2). Network

Chances are that you being in the music industry, you will know many music artists like yourself. This gives you a great opportunity to find out from first hand experience the kind of talent there is out there in terms of music management, by asking other musicians about their own experiences with their management. It also gives you a chance to collect some of the names and numbers of such individuals.

3). Agencies

If you are looking for an agent, what better place to look than a talent agency! There are several talent agencies willing to manage the careers of individuals whom they have determined as capable of producing great earnings through their talents. This is of course done for a fee, usually being a percentage of your performance earnings. If you have no problem with sharing your earnings in return for the management of your career, you can consider joining a talent agency, and placing the management of your career into their hands.


DON’T let any of your representation (agents or otherwise) take any upfront fees from you! A commission for an agent is usually 10%.

ALWAYS ensure your representation has relevant industry contacts. This ensures that you are not only getting gigs, but rather, that you are getting relevant gigs, that advances your music career.

Written by Tamika Simon