Get in the mix

With the crowd that is! Your job is to get the crowd going. The key word here is to entertain! don’t concentrate on singing, your music partner is there to do that. Think of your time on stage as a routine, your partner should handle the singing while you deal with choreography and direct how the whole show goes. Encourage members of the audience to sing/ dance along with your routine, also, get in the crowd. Do what it takes to put on a show!

Be the right-hand man

Remember, besides getting the crowd hyped, your job is to also support your partner! Do you have a catchy part of the tune? Well emphasize anytime your partner says those words! Help your partner by doing  ad-lib’s, or demonstrating what he says in the song, for example, if he is describing how to do a dance, you’re there to show the crowd how it’s done.

Heat it up

Help heat up the crowd before the act even starts! Build up the energy of the crowd, get them hyped for the performance you are about to put on! Don’t just go on stage and start singing, the performance begins before the show even starts.

Get the DJ in the act

Other parts of a performance could be the DJ. Get the crowd to interact with all members on stage. Make everyone feel like they’re part of the act. When the crowd feels like they are a part of the performance they will be more encouraged to support you and your group while you’re on the stage.


Flavour Flav- Public Enemy

Spliff Star- Busta Ryhmes

Professor X – The X Clan

Crunchy Black – Three 6 Mafia

Written by Tamika Simon