1). Relax

Don’t assume that the crowd is against you, most of the time an audience is optimistic about a performer rather than pessimistic, so keep in mind that they are supporting you from the start and this should help calm your nerves for your show.

2). Checklist

Do a checklist on all your performance items, wardrobe, equipment (if you’re in a band) etc. about 3-4 hours before any big performance, so that you can have enough time to resolve any issues that may arise.

3). Vocals

A few days before your performance you should always do vocal exercises to ensure that your vocals are at its best for your performance. This does not mean you should be doing these every day before your show! That will have the opposite effect! However, you should do this at least twice, a couple of days before you get on stage.

4). Headcount

Ensure that everyone who is a part of your performance, musicians,band members,dj etc will still be available on the day of the show. This should be done, a week before your show and again 3-4 days before the date of the performance.

5). Promo

Get all your promotional items, business cards,demo CDs etc. together. These should be given out at the performance venue to people who are a part of the music/entertainment industry, such as promoters,music managers etc.

Written by Tamika Simon