Storytelling seems to be a dying art form in Hip Hop.  Much of the music today does not seem to stray further from the topics of; women, drugs, money, bling and cars. But it does not surprise me though that there are not that many story-tellers. Story-telling is an art form and great story-telling is a gift. A great story keeps you interested, gets you hyped, and I’m not talking about the krunk hyped or shooting up the club hyped. I’m talking about hanging on to every word, wondering where the story is going hype? The, how is it going to end hype? Metaphors and similes used in ways you never thought of before, that gets you excited, that makes you laugh, that makes you say, think and feel “oh shit,now that’s deep!”

The art of story-telling and the art of imagination go hand in hand, there can be no story which can be considered great unless it paints a vivid picture in your mind. The artful story-teller does not give you details, he gives you a sketch; a numbered coloring book in your mind and lets you paint in the images yourself.  A great story does not have an ending; but rather has multiple endings as it has multiple authors, because a great story-teller does not give you his story; he co-writes it with you. He does not tell you how you should feel about a character or even how they look or how they behave ; he gives you a dialogue and lets you determine those details yourself.

Many rappers give you words to sing; but very few give you pictures to view. What kind of rapper are you?

What is a good story? Click Play and find out.


Written by Tamika Simon